Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monument to Memory and Power

Bullying memoirs part 1-m4a by USdrone

Above is documentation of the installation and the audio from the piece, Monument to Memory and Power, 2011. This piece, which uses the object of the locker as a starting point, shares with viewers/listeners every recollection of bullying and
interpersonal aggression and oppression in the artist's memory. This piece is on display now at MICA PLACE, as part of the Convening Exhibition.

New(er) Work

I haven't posted on here for a while, for which I apologize. I think some of this is because with the advent of blogging becoming somewhat antiquated, and with the changing nature of my work in grad school, I haven't felt as much of a need, simply trying to focus on my work itself instead of self promotion. Lately my work has become more sound oriented, and soon I will post work that reflects this. Also, my official website will be redesigned somewhat soon, the goal is to do it myself, though cargo collective might be a good option. In the meantime, here is an interesting link from a trusted source about the nature of of art and learning.

do good work,