Monday, July 11, 2011

Thesis exhibition photos

Souvenirs-version1 by USdrone

These are photos of the work that I put into my thesis exhibition for my MFA in Community Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. The small booklet is a zine of poems made using a collaborative writing process for my Memory and Power project, made through using word association and personalized definitions. The images on the wall are blow ups made of the individual poems, and two sound pieces made through interviewing students, educators, and facilitators about their experiences and opinions on Bullying. The sound work was played through the locker, which served once again as a natural reverb chamber. The Memory and Power project is as of this writing technically finished, though I think I want to go further with it.

mural works in Cincinnati, but really Northern Kentucky

I am now in Kentucky working with Artworks, on some of their first Northern Kentucky murals. This is something like my sixth summer with art works, my third on teaching staff, but my first as a "Teaching Artist," which means myself and one other crazy artist are in charge of all these rowdy kids. So far it has been great, and our apprentices are learning a lot, though the mural, for its size, is going a little slower than we all initially thought it would. More pictures of this to come as progress is made.