Monday, December 31, 2012

Heavy Atmosphere,

This is was painted on November 2nd and was my contribution to the House Show, presented by Casewerks ( This show featured work by numerous Baltimore artists, concentrating on the themes of housing and architecture here in Baltimore. More can be found out here House Show Info. The piece itself is about the many lives that are lived in a single space through time. Specifically, think of that quote from The Lost Boys, in which Grampa says that "if all the corpses stood up at once, there would be one hell of a population problem." My mind goes to a similar place when I am in an old building or space, thinking about what kind of interactions would be having if the illusion of time wasn't keeping all the people in that room physically separated.

To continue and expand on this idea, I traced the shadows of passerby and volunteers on the painting, breaking the fourth wall and illustrating this idea in real time. So we had a nice Cider Social at the Mirkwood House, and invited passerby and friends to be part of the painting.

Here is the finished product. The piece is called Heavy Atmosphere.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. I like the idea of addressing the spatial / temporal dimensions of life with the spatial / temporal dimensions of art, and the process of creating the art itself.