Sunday, December 30, 2012

Updates a coming

A whole bunch of new updates are coming soon. This blog is becoming like my journal in high school, in which I always lament how long it's been since I've updated it.

Some things:
  • Protest Thru Art show, and photos.
  • Mirkwood Mural for the House Show, done in association with Casewerks.
  • Assisted on Lauren Bollini mural for Station North 10 year anniversary. 
  • Began teaching for Art With A Heart, so projects are coming from some of the work I do with the students I teach.
  • With any luck, this summer an incarnation of my Memory and Power project will reactivate with the help of the folks at Art With A Heart
  • Episcopal Community Services of Maryland and myself are the recipient of a NEA fast track grant for a new mural for the Club at Collington Square in East Baltimore. 
  • Also Woe is me Haikus
So these, are some things that I will be updating with more detail soon. 

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Anonymous said...

lol - "this blog is becoming like my journal in high school..."

Congrats on the grant. Can't wait to see the mural.